The Big Lake

Against the Giants Part 1

Game Notes – 10/6/12

We land from our boom tube and rest from our great battle. We go into the mansion to rest for the night. El Tigre exits the mansion in the morning to check out what’s going on. El Tigre is out for 5 minutes and says there is nothing out of the ordinary. We decide to walk out into the Old City. The Key points north by north east. Deek had scryed but did not see anything.

As we walk around a corner, we feel a cold draft of wind and see snow about 2 blocks down. There is a trail heading up a mountain. Giants. It is a tall mountain with a broad trail. Beinor sees tracks of different types of giants. We are moving with the traffic. Lots of frost giants it seems. As we move upward, the air flows harder. Lighter folks have trouble in this. Air walking is difficult. We walk for more than 2 hours and the key still says we’re on the right track. We can see a flickering fire light about 100 yards ahead.

Benoir sneaks up to the giant camp up ahead. He reveals himself to a storm giant. He appears friendly. Benoir says we are here to pay respects to Humbaba. We all join up. There are dead Ents in a pile and a big campfire with tree sized logs fueling it. The giant says we owe a gold coin to move forward. Benoir offers 6 – So the giant drops a manhole sized gold coin and expects this is the value coin we need to pay. Belegreer is a giant tasked with dealing with the money exchange. He is a weird looking giant. A half breed it appears. It’s $1000 gold pieces a piece (except Gnoiner). We give him $5G to go in. We are given stamps on our hands to enter his “establishment” (i.e. bar). Now we have ins and out privileges. All of us who get the stamps have a magic sky thing on us (surrounds us). Not Gnoiner though, because he already had a stamp and did not get stamped on the way in this time.

We see giants in the bar, drinking and hitting each other. The rule is no fighting with weapons in the bar. Deek, Caedmon, and Zolo go chat up the bar tender to gether some intel. Humbaba is off to the left in his own area – down a hall where no one is sitting. You can go down into another plane down the way, where people often challenge each other to survive. There are many places to go from here – a crossroads. We ask about whether they know about what’s been happeing in the material plane where we came from. They have a different perception of time and say they are not too familiar with what’s happening, but some folks came through a few weeks ago from our world (little people) and inquired about the nobility of people around here. No one comes to see Humbaba. We ask if they know the white triange. We show them what the symbol looks like and it turns out they have been here. They were the ones asking about the local nobility – the Jarl. They had a lot of followers with them.

Jarl Grugner is the Jarl here, although he just assumed the title. He does not have noble blood. We suspect that the WT just propped him up here.

We decide to send Gnoigner and Benoir in to see Humbaba. The rest of us stay behind in the bar. The giants are betting for how long it takes before they will be thrown out. Deek wants in on the action and bets $1000GP that they kicked out within 2 rounds. They go in and hear munching. Benoir casts a spell. The key points at the guy eating at the table. Gnoigner offers hangover medication. Hes about 40 Ft tall. He says “go away I’m busy” and that he is not hungover. Gnoigner says they are in from the material plane seeking his advice. Gnoigner shows the key to him. Humbaba says, “who sent you with this?” Gnoigner says, “the contemplator” Humbaba states, “I told him this wouldn’t work.” “We need you to inset this key…” He sticks the key into a slot on his desk and says ok, bye. Humbaba says, “tell the contemplator I told you so.” Gnoigner asks for something to help us. He says maybe if we let him out. [He went in voluntarily.] Bell was put in by his own people – fiends. Contemplator is just a paper pusher. Nothing we can do will do anything, he is the most powerful…blah blah blah, evil. The only thing we can do is seal him back up in a pillar.

Deek tries to clairvoyance above the desk to see what Humbaba is working on, but Humbaba poofs it away immediately. He is trying to make something. Deek then goes in and asks what he is working on – it’s a kazilltangbrong! Bell is making a bid to become a god, which would be bad. Hyper-geometric something. We are basically all screwed. Bell is on the way to being a local deity. You need lots of followers to become a diety. We tell him about the Jarl being under their thumb. He says if we take care of the Jarl, he’ll help us. What happens if we let you out? The covenent – triangle agreement would end and it would be the 10 hells. Our world would be destroyed and Bell would get away. Take out the leaders of the frost giants and they (frost giants) will all go their separate ways. Our plan for the moment is to do a murder mission on the Jarl.

Before we exit Humbaba’s room, we cast stoneskin(s) and nondetection. We chain up Deek and act like he is out prisoner. Zolo is disguised/transformed into a dire wolf. We follow a path well traveled in serch of the Jarl. We have 24 hour reentry rights into the bar, so we have to make this happen quickly. Snow is blowing off a cliff. There’s a cave to our right and the past goes past it. Gnoiner’s locate object spell focuses on the WT. The WT rep is here. We’ve been told not to fuck with him, cuz he’s a bad ass. That guy’s name is Caravack.

There is a Yetti and a Troll in the cave. Inish… Caedmon is first to go. Rather than attack, he shouts to the others in common that we have a prisoner for the Jarl and seek an audience and readies an action defensively. More Yettis come out. They do not attack and respond in Giant. Benoir tells them the same thing, but in Giant. They tell us to leave the prisoner. We say we want to take him in. After a little commentary, they tell us to continue down the road and we will find the Jarl. We head down and hear voices coming from another cave. Benoir shouts hello, attend to us, we have a prisoner (in Giant).

It is pretty dark in here. We encounter one giant that yells, “humans!” and throws a rock at Benoir. We tell him to stop but he doesn’t. Caedmon goes BIG and pins the giant with his iron bands of binding. Down he goes. Four other giants come out thereafter. El Tigre – “Eeats a Heet!” The giants throw more rocks to no avail. Zolo morphs from a wolf into a beautiful voluptuous woman and fireballs the fuckers! A giant goes down. Caedmon hits another. Gnoigner dropped Deeks chains and moves toward the battle. El Tigre moves in to hit the giants with the intent to cleave. Aaand…the cleave succeeds, but no one dies. Holy moley! A ton of giants come running out. Giants whoop the shit out of El Tigre. Blade barrier right through half of them by Gnoigner. Fireballs, bashing, killing – slash, bang, crash! 8 giants are dead. Giants retreat or die, we win! Zolo goes back under cover as a wolf.

We continue through the dungeon. We head left through the tunnels. More rocks fling towards us. More comical battle and we win.

So we walk into a big room, filled with hll giants, frost giants, and a huge giant of unknown origin. Zolo summons a stone giant to talk to the big guy with the use of tongues provided by Deek. We tell them we have a prisoner for the Jarl. He smells the giant and says sorry, but attacks the summoned giant. He makes it one round, does some damage and dies. So long summoned giant.

Zolo shoots a fireball. Mildly affective this time around. A white dragon pops out of the ceiling and blows on us. We make saves and all but El Tigre makes it. He is struck with fear for a half second, but he is wearing Asurman’s Helmut which prevents him from getting fear. Zolo does a prismatic wall and many of the giants suffer. The dragon is 41 to hit! Benoir hits him and does substantial damage. Caedmon hits the white dragon…almost! He has displacement and SWISH, it’s a miss. Gnoigner hits the dragon with a flame strike. El Tigre works on the dragon. And Deek finishes him off. 5500GP/pp 3,167 in gems/pp. 167/jewelry/pp

50,000/XPs pp from this game.

killed 20 frost giants, 1 hill giant, 1 ancient white dragon, 1 cloud giant, defeated 3 more hill giants.

Exit Stage Left (4/22/12)
  • Party sleeps and takes baths in preparation for meeting Qwl. Polish armor etc. We walk into a room where we see an enormous beautiful golden dragon, with a head the size of a Viking ship. He is chanting a poem. Dragon looks at us and asks the Senegal how we faired in the tests. Small butterfly creature explains in draconic that we passed the tests but are unworthy and of questionable moral turpitude. Dragon agrees and takes off into a whole and is certainly intimidating. It leaves behind a little cat sized creature like the little buttlerfly thingy. There is a 7th level spell call semilacrum. It is a copy of the little butterflydragon. It says so you disagree with the assessment, eh? Yes, says El Tigre. Deek says it is accurate but irrelevant because we are trying to help. Gnoiner asks if our moral character is important to this task? Qwl says yes, but not in the way you may think.
  • Not all creatures had to be bound in the pilar. But you are here to give me something. Qwl is curious on whether we consider ourselves moral (on the upper end). We say yes, but not the highest. We have the basis of good moral judgment. We have come to restore covenent. Someone needs to do it, we are not sure what we have to do, we are just doing it for the greater good. We tell him there’s a key, he asks for it, and give it to him. When he touches it drains and falls and the ioun stones fall off. Did it work? It gave him information and told him to stay there. Controls are probably all rerouted to the control center.
  • Are you familiar with humbaba? Bell’s greatest enemy. He volunteered to be part of the covenent because he knew Bell was part and that when this was done, they’d be released at the same time. The only thing he cares about is killing Bell. If he did that, covenent would be closer to the end (two released). Balanced a little restored, but chaos would be at an advantage. The covenent ends when one or more of the pact keepers have been released. In this case, the contemplator was not connected to the rest of the city when Bell was released. Bell needs to be put back before connection is restored or maybe before, but can’t stay what would happen in that case. He needs to be contained. He is very tricky. Humbaba may be able to help.
  • Hambaba volunteered, but not sure what he state is now. He’s titan. Bell was forced into the pilon but the lord of the third circle of hell. Pit fiends are the top echelon. Sometimes they can grow too powerful and threaten the lord’s throne. Capture Bell is best coarse of action. Asking devils to help is very dangerous. Be careful the deals you make. This plane is carefully shielded from the other planes. He can’t help at all in any way. Oralaegean is just an old friend. Just to keep him company. Knows nothing.
  • We are given a horn that brings all the Light Brigade. 1 time thing. Ready for an apocalyptic light. Vault a pretty good way to trap Bell. Use the living vault to trap him. Can trap a lesser thing in it to replace the thing currently trapped. Planer travel, eject him, trap something else and leave. Asked Asurman what to do, he said catch Bell first and then.
  • The Armor I get: +3 Full Plate (not metallic) (plus 12 all together), lighter than full plate, casts death ward once a day as a free action, armor is immune to cold.
  • Have to ask the Seneshal if we can come back. Yeah, but not enough time. We leave. Deek casts spells. We walk across the bridge. We see a “school principal” devil chick. El Tigre is impaled with an adamantine arrow for 70 damage! Caedmon makes a wind wall preventing her from shooting us with arrows. Zolo hits her with magic missiles – Pow! Deek casts dimensional anchor and she can’t take off. We fight, she has high spell resistance. A school-girl shows up behind El Tigre flanking her. A little damage, but hecka people coming out to fight. Skeletons and another principal.
  • We get overpowered and boom tube to safety.
The White Triangle Cathedral
we win! and capture an old acquaintance.

Well, since I lost the game log notes, I’ll sum up by saying that we made it to the cathedral center, managed to defeat the bad guys and came up with a pretty ingenious method for shutting down the power source that was directing WT slaves toward Old City Central Command. Oh, and we captured Olorin. On to the important stuff!

xp: 60,000xp per player.


From the sahuagin cleric:

  • +2 trident
  • Ring of air breathing

From the shadow cleric:

  • Chainmail +1 of improved shadow (+10 to stealth)
  • Dagger of Venom

High Priest Atagraine’s items:

  • 3 admantine +3 shurikens
  • Mace of Smiting
  • Absorbing Shield
  • Silver dragonscale full plate (armor +14, armor is immune to acid and cold – just the armor NOT the wearer)
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +3
  • Rod of Metamagic: Greater Silent
  • Ring of Major Electricity Resistance (resist 30)
  • Ring of Major Cold Resistance (resist 30)

Olorin’s Gear (plus commentary. please read carefully!)

  • Headband of Intellect +4
  • Goggles of Night
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +3
  • Black Robes of the Archmagi
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4
  • Ring of Elemental Command (Fire) – (you sense him really fighting you on this one)
  • Ring of Freedom of Movement – Zolo
  • Bracelet of Friends (1 charm remaining)
  • Medium Rod of Metamagic Quicken
  • Medium Rod of Metamagic Maximize – Zolo
  • He has 3 travelling spellbooks; all trapped.

He tries to talk you out of taking the Fire Ring. “Listen, I can help you! I have information! Now that I’ve been captured the Triangle has to find me and kill me; they can’t risk me telling what I know. But here I must be safe, otherwise I’d be dead already!”

I will post further post-game details as a comment to this post, so as not to pollute the loot, or make this one too long.

The Assault Begins

Game Notes for 7/24/2011

We’ve negotiated a bargain with zolo. In exchange for her boom tubing, she gets to automatically move up one spot from what she rolled for loot pick order.

Asurmen, Carandras, and Maugen-Ra are providing defensive support. Once we make it inside the Cathedral, they will stay out front, preventing incoming teleported support from coming in behind us.

We Boom Tube in.

Outside is the dumber version of a Horned Devil. We run past him. Caedmon takes some damage, and get inside.

Party is hit by Unhallow and some spells are dispelled.

Floor is brass, bas reliefs of people on the walls, copper tubing. Looks unfinished. There are pools of water that look like they shouldn’t be touched.

From the pools rise Peskaludari x-bow-men and a big queen looking fish. bolts fly, and the woman puts up a wall of ice cutting off el tigre and gnoinir with 2 fish to deal with. We plink at the bowmen and Caedmon attempts to bind the female cleric, but fails. The Cleric commands water and the pools overflow, covering the entire hallway with filthy murky water.

Behind the wall, Tigre takes out one pesc. One by one they begin to fall. Deek and El Tigre take out the Cleric and the battle is won. The party loots the body and moves on.

Darkened Corridor

The corridor turns to the right and is filled with darkness. Only when a torch is lit can people with Darkvision and True Seeing pierce the gloom. Shadowy figures put out attempts to place light at random places down the length of the hall. We try to fly up along the ceiling and are stymied by fog clouds. Zolo dispels some, but they return the next round. We fly quickly ahead and are met by a wall of Cold, flanked by Ice Devils, and behind us a Cleric.

A hellish blizzard of cone’s of cold rips through us.

El Tigre smashes one Ice Devil. Beinor fires blind and web’ an Ice Devil, but it telports down the corridor. A shadowy outsider teleports behind Beinor while Deek beats the heck out of the new Cleric (he gets strength drained, but Touch of Idiocy’s the cleric) before Zolo finishes it off with magic missiles. The second Ice Devil is banished by Deek and the shadowy figure teleports away.

The party quickly loots before moving on again in the darkness. Voices whisper in the distance and we have the feeling we’re being watched.


Magic Dagger (cleric of the transept) – the second one
Magic Chainmail (cleric of the transept) – the second one
Magic Trident (cleric of the nave) – the first one

Preamble: Assault on the White Triangle Cathedral

Hey all! I’ve been super busy this week. Rather than my usual narrative intro to the next game, I’m just going to unload a bunch of data on you to get things going.

1. Asurmen returns after a successful mission against the northern incursion. “Just a bunch of devils,” he concludes. He didn’t seem impressed by the nature of the forces he encountered. Maugen Ra just titters. He doesn’t talk much.

2. Carandras shows up, sporting his black, scorpion-themed armor.

3. The next day, Seed arrives, reporting a similar success against his incursion. Comparing notes with you, it seems that the lemure he encountered wasn’t as powerful, and the devils around him fewer in number and less potent. He drops off another bag of ioun stones, saying “if the other two incursions are anything like the first one, I should be back in a few days.”

4. The big one. The Contemplator calls you all together and proposes a plan. Based on your observations and the reported experiences of your groups, he believes that the large pyramid structure poses a serious threat. His belief is that the silvery energy line you saw is actually a manifestation of the White Triangle’s connection to the Old City, “Much like the ‘silver cord’ phenomenon mortals experience in the Ethereal and Astral plane.” Whatever that means.

He/It believes that destroying that cord is of paramount importance. “If Bel can establish control of the eastern quarter of the city, including his old internment site, before I can re-establish control of my external resources, we will all have a very hard time of it.”

“Therefore, I am asking you once again to take on a monumental task. I need you to enter the pyramidal structure and locate the origin of that cord. If it is a device, then you must destroy it. If it is a creature… well, in that case you will be in trouble… perhaps at that time it will become advantageous to use your Vault.

“I can provide you with some prepared spells, but I must apologize; at this juncture I can not afford to extend any more non-renewable resources.

Incursions in the Park
Something is creating wide paths through the park, decimating everything in their path, and heading straight for us!

Gathering Intel

Following Seed’s intel, the party looks into the most central of the three paths that is heading through The Park. The one that is heading straight for Central Command. Using an oft forgotten intel tool, the party decides to use Zolo’s dream travel music box to attempt to determine the nature of the incursion.

On the first trip, Tardeek and El Tigre stay behind to protect the bodies,
while Zolo, Gnoinir, Caedmon, and Beinor dream travel. As they accustom themselves to dream travel, it occurs to Beinor that a direct recon of the head of the trail might prove dangerous. Instead, they decide to seek after the minds and dreams of any Elves from the abandoned village that might still be alive. Hahaha. This takes them on a trip far across Big Lake, where they come upon a fog enshrouded area below them from which pain and despair can be felt, and a whispering voice can just barely be made out. Those that can make out words find themselves subject to the heretical philosophies of something evil about the order and nature of the Gods. There is a suggestion in the words as well, and Caedmon finds his faith to be shaken, while Beinor feels the urge to give up completely. While this is happening, an unseen creature spies them and attacks Zolo. Wounds appear on her body back in the material plane, and as she tosses a fireball at the brilliant blue eyes of the mostly invisible creature, our pals back home wake us up.

Caedmon is too shaken to make a second trip, and is replaced by Tardeek. The second dream jaunt takes
the direct approach and the party thinks themselves toward the path being cut through the park. They recon up and down it’s length and find devils. Ranks upon ranks of devils. Bearded ones, guiding huge hulking Lemure’s that spit vomitous bile that defiles all it touches. Horned devils, Ice devils, Bone devils. And Erinyes. At the source of the trail above one of the sewer intakes below the Old City sits a fell Cathedral that is heavily fortified. From a gaping maw in one side, a thread-like beam of white energy lances out along the 300yd wide path. It seems to be pointing the direction in which the trail must go. At an empty part of the trail, the party attempts to dispel the beam and fails, though they are certain it has attracted attention. They also discover that a force wall can block the beam, but that also quickly brings attention, and they flee. Further recon at the head of the trail shows a vanguard force that is strong, but not so formidable as what garrison’s the Cathedral. They return to the physical plane to make plans.

The Plan

Speaking with the Actuator at Central Command, it is guesstimated (strangely, I didn’t think this was a real word, but the spellchecker on this thing stopped complaining when I added a second ‘s’) that the trail is heading directly toward the center of the city and the Vanguard must be stopped before the get much further, else they will be able to advance on Central Command with little resistance. The Cathedral will have to wait. It is advised that an aerial battle be pursued, as this will allow the party to deal with only the flying force of devil’s and avoid dealing with most of the lower level grunts on the ground.

The Attack

The assistance provided by the Actuator in the form of two large, and heavy, golem Constructs, proves a little difficult at first when the party is planning an ambush style attack; lacking the resources to teleport them and the party in it’s entirety. Instead, they decide to blitzkrieg, using the Boom Tube to transport them all, vectoring in on the rising plume of smoke that can be seen at the head of the path.


The party arrives above the path. The two golem constructs and their handler fall to the ground (so much for having a support role in the battle, or maybe not). There is a huge Lemure being guided by many Bearded Devils, a Cadre of other devils arrayed on the path, and a force of Erinyes and Bone Devils flying overhead. Tardeek immediately encases the party in a Mage’s Inner Sanctum, protecting them from attacks and spells from the grounded forces. Caedmon casts Righteous Might on himself and grows large and fearsome.

For the first few rounds, the party works at nibbling away at the Erinyes and Bone devils, while an Ice Devil, who appears to be the leader of the Vanguard, flies into the fray. Many are damaged, but not many killed, when a fearsome Horned Devil appears. The Lemure spits vomitous bile up at the party while the Golems convert themselves into Walls of Gears and attempt to dissect the beast. Zolo is dropped, literally, falling near death to the ground. Caedmon and Gnoinir fly down to successfully assist, avoiding her nearly being swarmed and finished off by Bearded Devils. The Golem’s manage to finish off the Huge Lemure, it’s innards spilling all over the trail and defiling it further, before they are swarmed over by the devil’s on the ground.

The battle looks grim with the arrival of the fearsome Horned Devil, but slowly the tide turns and miraculously the Horned Devil is destroyed before it has a chance to escape!! Caedmon and El Tigre successfully finish off the Ice Devil as well. After seeing the destruction of it’s leader, the remainder of the vanguard force teleports away. Looking down below, it is noticed that the Golem’s did not survive, though the body of the controller is not to be found. The party loots quickly and flies off in retreat, unable to Boom Tube as a number of them had Dimensional Anchor cast on them.


xps: 16,000xp for each player

Loot: (NOTE: The spiked chain and frost spear are too large to be used by Medium-sized creatures because they are both of Large size and are two-handed weapons)

  • Large +1 frost spear – Beinor Halfhand (rd 1)
  • Large +1 unholy spiked chain
  • 2x +1 longsword – Beinor Halfhand (rd 2), El Tigre (rd2)
  • 2x +1 flaming composite bows (+5 Str bonus). – Caedmon x1, Zolo x1
  • rod of cancellation – Gnoinir
  • +2 bastard sword – El Tigre (rd1)
  • potion of undetectable alignment Tardeek (rd2)
  • darkwood buckler of arrow deflection Tardeek (rd1)

Loot Pick Order:

  1. Gnoinir
  2. Caedmon
  3. Zolo
  4. El Tigre
  5. Beinor
  6. Tardeek
Interlude: Good News, Bad News

Seed seems even grumpier and snarkier than usual, when next you see him. Dropping off his first installment of ioun stones, a large sack containing over a hundred pounds of glittering ingots, he announces “It may be a while before I can bring the next shipment. Something is attacking the green. I’ve been getting reports that something is attacking the Forest; some unnatural creatures are burning a broad swath through the woods, destroying anyone and anything that doesn’t flee before them.

“It’s hard to say what they are; the only word I’ve received comes from small forest creatures who are running from the smell of whatever they may be. I traced some birds back the way they came; I intersected one of the clear-cut areas. It’s bad magic of some kind; the earth is poisoned and dead, all the way down to the bedrock. The plants aren’t burnt so much as withered away, and everything feels and smells wrong there.

“There was a village of wild elves not too far from that path. When I dropped in to check on them, the village was gone. No elves, no houses, no bodies, just charred, dead soil and scorched rocks. I tried communing with nature, but even that didn’t tell me anything.

“I flew north and south from there, having heard from the animals that there were more than one of these paths. There are three such paths, all working steadily westward into the Forest. The only reason I came down here at all was to tell you that there are three more paths being cut through the Park, all bearing due west. One of them is probably headed straight towards you.

“I need to go take care of this problem, whatever it might be; these paths are headed into territory I can’t afford to lose. I’ll leave you to handle the pathways through the Park on your own.

After a brief pause, the Contemplator replies:

“The druid’s logic is sound. Given that coincidental probability of this incursion aligning along the central latitudinal axis of Central Control approaches zero, and that efficacy and function of base entities ends outside of the local sector, it follows that I require the rest of you to investigate the aforementioned incursion. I will provide additional resources to aid you; my Actuary will follow you with a task force as a reserve, composition to be determined based on the results of a pending query of inventory.

Seed's Hoard
The party seeks to return Seed's hoard of Ioun stones to Central Command in the Old City

In preparation for tracking down Seed the Contemplator gives us an Actuary construct to help us with our mission to recover Seed’s hoard.

The decision is to teleport from the Center of Old City to an old clearing where we previously encountered Seed. Deek and Zolo handle the teleport duties, as they’ve been there before. Everyone has taken off their ioun stones, except for Tardeek.

Deek teleports, but misses. We’re 14 miles off target, and above Big Lake. Fortunately, everyone knows how to fly/float. Clearly, Zolo was lying about not smoking the fungus lately, she forgets that she doesn’t have teleport in her spell list…

The party manages to figure shit out and recover from the mishaps and eventually gets back to the clearing en toto on the next day. Beinor befriends a hawk and recruits it to find Seed, and it flies off, but never returns.

after waiting a couple of hours, El Tigre and Beinor hear some folks approaching. It is Seed and his entourage. Everyone but Tardeek attempts to hide.

The Crew:

  • Seed. A seedy looking half-elf, looks simultaneously amused and annoyed. has a big club, and some javelin/spears.
  • Schmuel. Woman. Middle-aged, medium length hair, olive skin. plain. physically uber buff. looks like a badass. very serious. unsual looking big x-bow. full-plate, large shield, crazy lookin’ helmet. quiver. longsword in hand, two slung to her back, one big mace on her hip.
  • Bowling X. not quite 3-ft high, but stout (dwarf?). greyish skin, big stupid grin. large, floppy shoes… dressed like a damn clown. Carries a bowling pin. small sword at his belt. has a box of darts.
  • Zzaa. Looks like Wilt Chameberlain from Conan the Destroyer. 7ft tall. Carries a ranseur.

One of Seed’s henchmen demand that the party reveal itself into the clearing. Everyone compiles except for Beinor, who is still hiding unseen amongst the treetops.

The Actuary attempts to convince Seed to relocate his hoard and fails.
Tardeek attempts to convince Seed to relocate his hoard, and fails.

Seed approaches Tardeek in the middle of the clearing demanding his stones, and Beinor surprise attacks. The arrow rattles off his hide, and the battle begins…

Deek and Actuary take on Seed directly. Zzaa moves in to support Seed.
Zolo started whittling away at Bowling X’s mirror images (he had 9, and had a creepy interest in female adventurers)
Beinor stayed in the trees and swore to kill Bowling X, and also reduced some of Bowling X’s images.
El Tigre hammered away at Bowling X and removed a bunch of images

Caedmon turned large and approached Za, moving to flank.

Gnoinir did his thing.

Deek managed to Hold Monster on Za (yay!), while other members of the party whaled away on Bowling X.

Schmuel dropped her strange x-bow, which began acting on it’s own
(actually operated by Sportome) to kill Zolo, and Schmuel engaged with
El Tigre.

Za is still alive despite being held, and despite being attacked many times while being held. Christ.
Bowling X is still alive, despite not hiding behind any mirror images.
Schmuel beats the everliving fuck out of El Tigre, but he fortunately doesn’t die.
Sportome does likewise with Zolo, and hurts her a lot, until Caedmon puts up a wind wall to protect Zolo from Sportome. Unfortunately, El Tigre needed to retreat toward Gnoinir to recover from Schmuel’s vicious onslaught, leaving Zolo exposed. Schmuel cruises in and drops Zolo.

Gnoinir summons an air elemental who manages to whirlwind away all the ioun stones from Seed’s
head. Muthafucka say whaaaaaat?!

(4th smoke break, but it was the best smoke break).

Things are going well for the party. Zzaa is killed.

Then, Gnoinir reveals the emblem (symbol of persuasion) on his shield and casts Holy Smite.
Suddenly, Seed and Schmuel are on our side!! (charmed).
Beinor directs Bowling X to surrender, and he does.

We win!!

Bowling X teleports away as the fight winds down, and the party Boom Tubes back to Central Command (though they leave Sportome the crossbow behind). The Actuator and Central Command have private words with Seed and when all is said and done, arrangements are made for Seed to return the Hoard in exchange for having his Geas lifted. It seems he’s tired of being stuck in that park collection Ioun stones.

Spend up to 100,000 gp (per person) on minor or medium magic items that are not ioun stones. For major items, check with the DM. These are items from defeated adventures that have been collected in Central Command.

30,000xp. If you want to trade gp for xp (1 to 1), you can use them to get to the next level (not beyond)

Journey to the Center of Old City
The party heads to the Old City to seek out clues on how to repair the Pylon from which the White Triangle escaped.

Unexpected Help from Lord Spiga

It has been a day since the White Triangle infiltrated and attacked the party at Casa Deek. A messenger arrives at the door with another invitation. This time, after verifying that it is neither magical nor trapped, it is opened and read and it turns out to be an invite from Lord Spiga requesting an audience with the party. After checking into the background of this person around town, the party decides to accept the invitation.

They head to the meeting location, an old Gentleman’s Club in Saleen, were they are ushered into an upstairs lounge where the meeting takes place—but not before prepping with many detection spells, arcane sight, etc. It turns out that Lord Spiga though appearing as an aged overweight merchant type, is actually a Glabrezu, a servant of Orcus. Operating under the premise of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Lord Spiga offers vital information in exchange for our help in returning the White Triangle to it’s imprisoned state. We get the information, and he gets to remove a huge competitor with his Demon brethren from the playing field.

Rather than face the White Triangle directly, he suggests figuring a way to repair the damaged pylon in the Old City from which it was released. To this end, he gives vital clues about where we might search.

  • There is a Pillar in the center of the Old City that contains a Control Room. It is likely damaged, and likely a construct.
  • Find out how to restore the Control Room or the Pillars, and do what’s needed.
  • Advises that we avoid all constructs rather than fight them.

In addition to this information, Lord Spiga offers us a single Wish to aid us in our efforts.

The Wish is used to Ressurect Asurmen, who is very much obliged.

In parting, Lord Spiga drops a few more interesting notes:

  • Outpost is no more. The Mendicant Order has removed it’s outpost, and the Lake Priests have withdrawn their support. As a result, it is a much more lawless place, and adventuring into the Old City has dropped significantly.
  • There will be no Harvest Festival this year. Apparently Anku has gone missing. This will cause a bad harvest, apparently a shitty winter, and also will result in something about Cram not ‘rising’ (I didn’t quite catch this part). Basically, a whole chain of bad shit will happen as a result.


  • Asurmen Raised, and his Armor returned to him. He says he is off to find the remains of two of his friends. Maugen-Ra, and someone else.
  • For raising Asurmen, he awards Each PC with an Elven Cloak, Elven Boots, Elven Armor, and a Friendship Ring (all non-magical). And apparently a climbing rope.

Outfitting in Lake Town

The party heads to Lake Town and upgrades in preparation for. They spend 31 days creating items.

Oh, as a random aside, Zolo decides to open the Iron Flask she acquired from the Aboleth we defeated when fighting Harry Palmer in the Underdark Arena. Surprisingly we don’t all die. Instead out comes some kinda freaky Aboleth Genie (Fonkin told us what it was, but I forget the name), that offers 3 wishes in the form of grotesque body modifications.

  • Zolo jumps eagerly at the offerings and gets a blood transfusion that gives her green blood and Fast Heal 2.
  • Caedmon requests the Aboleth Heart. After an on-the-spot open-heart surgery, once a day when she drops to dying (but not dead), she instantly gets 4d8 + 20 HP.
  • El Tigre won the roll for the third and final offering, and got weird aboleth tentacles shoved into all her muscles and now has +2 inherent bonus to STR.

The Old City

We Boom Tube from Laketown to the Old City, using directions given to us by Asurmen of the place where he last died, and appear outside The Park (to the east behind us). To the west in the distance we can see a very tall spire that doesn’t appear to match the regular shape of most of the buildings around us.

We head in the direction of the spire, avoiding encounters with various constructs along the way.

  • There are small swarms of construct critters that roam the city streets, and appear responsible for cleaning the city of any impurities (including adventurers) and keeping The Park from encroaching on the city proper. Gnoinir tests out his Torah to command a swarm to leave us alone… and it works!
  • Atop some buildings are Big-Foot, tentacled, eyeballs that appear to provide surveillance for whatever control the constructs in a given sector of the city.
  • Large 30-ft diameter spheres that roll along streets. The unfurl into 90-ft long centipede like constructs that can disgorge many swarms of small constructs that can climb walls.

The spire is HUUUGE. Biggest building we’ve ever seen. Big clearing around it. Obelisk shaped. No irregularities on it’s surface. It’s slightly shimmering. There is a door at the bottom, and 4 hovering orbs that float around the Pillar at some height.

The Door resists are attempts at entry, and cause the approach of more constructs, some of which annoyingly project into our heads a litany of Old City Municipal Codes that we are breaking and insist that we give ourselves up to disassembly. Rather than fight, we speak to the constructs attempting to get clearance to enter the Pillar.

  • We see a number of different constructs at this point, some of which speak strange languages, but eventually are presented with a humanoid looking construct with a diamond shaped crystal on it’s forehead that can speak Common.
  • To gain entry to central control, you need a properly tuned and calibrated zyll-tang-brong.

We agree to come back in 24 hours (in order for Gnoinir to relearn his Torah spell), and meet again with the Constructs. We make it clear that we intend no harm and do not wish to fight. After 24 hours, there is a large force of constructs, including a new humanoid looking leader just outside our rope trick atop the building.

Gnoinir attempts his command (reprogramming, more like)…

The construct leader doesn’t buy that we are constructs, but it allows us access to the Primary Construct inside the Pillar. It leads us onto a platform in the center of the obelisk, for processing for installation of a zyll-tang-brong. The platform lowers into the ground, through the floor, into another chamber, and we are lead into a 30-ft round cylindrical chamber. There’s a person inside. We converse:

  • We were warned to not have any divination spells prepared before entering this room, and are pretty sure this is just a projected false image.
  • He is the Contemplator. The Modrons know him as Central Control. It no longer has perception outside of Central Command.
  • Central Command was damaged when Dark Dwarves tunneling from Underground entered a chamber deep below us and mined it for Ioun Stones. The was some fighting with the Dwarves, but there was some issue about the Constructs involvement in The Pact that lead them to not try very hard to prevent the Dwarves from looting.
  • The primary ingredient to fix Central Command is about 3000 pounds of Ioun Stones. If we reestablish External Control, the Contemplator finds it acceptable to help us with repairing the pylon’s.
  • Likely sources are the Dark Dwaves, The Druid. The Cyclops bazaar in Outpost. There’s also likely a large stash in Lake Town.
  • When External Control failed, likely Auxiliary Control was established throughout Old City. My reading of this means that there are various clusters of constructs all under various command in different sectors of the City. While we have established good will with the constructs around Central Command, we probably won’t be received so kindly in other areas.
  • The Druid has been given a geas to collect Ioun Stones. He has been doing so for 125 years.
  • 4 levels of — quartron is a 4 th of 10 levels of construct. (someone added this to my notes, don’t know what it means exactly).

The general consensus of the party is that we’re to try to uncover the Druid’s hoard. We begin to plot…

To be continued…

Even our Scullion Wants Us Dead
In which The White Triangle infiltrates our house in Saleen and attacks.

Many months have passed (about 8 if I recall). It is approaching New Year, which is an important time of your for Cram (Cram Ascending). The party is in Saleen, recovering from its recent adventures at Malecolm and Tardeek’s house.

Azrael is being kept in a prison at the home after an unfortunate incident involving Beleg.
Azrael is still half transformed into a devil.

General Notes on Happenings in Saleen

  • At a meeting of The Order of the Answerers it is announced that <some> is retiring, and is looking for a successor to claim his sword.
  • Relevant people (e.g. King Thrommel) know very little about the White Triangle or their prisons.
  • The Saleen sphere has been having trouble with marauding Hill, Stone, and Fire Giants since the fall of the Temple of Elemental Evil, which left a power vacuum. They have been pillaging towns. Even Hommlet!!

Attack on Casa Deek

Note many notes for this. The house was invaded and attacked by members of the White Triangle. They had secretly killed and replaced at least one member of our staff.

The party manages to fight them off, but three members of the house staff are killed/found dead.

  • The housekeeper, housekeeper’s assistant, and the scullion are killed.
  • Caedmon manages to save the dying Cook (and gets 400 bonus xp!)
  • Beleg is kept safe (yay).

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