The Big Lake

Against the Giants Part 1

Game Notes – 10/6/12

We land from our boom tube and rest from our great battle. We go into the mansion to rest for the night. El Tigre exits the mansion in the morning to check out what’s going on. El Tigre is out for 5 minutes and says there is nothing out of the ordinary. We decide to walk out into the Old City. The Key points north by north east. Deek had scryed but did not see anything.

As we walk around a corner, we feel a cold draft of wind and see snow about 2 blocks down. There is a trail heading up a mountain. Giants. It is a tall mountain with a broad trail. Beinor sees tracks of different types of giants. We are moving with the traffic. Lots of frost giants it seems. As we move upward, the air flows harder. Lighter folks have trouble in this. Air walking is difficult. We walk for more than 2 hours and the key still says we’re on the right track. We can see a flickering fire light about 100 yards ahead.

Benoir sneaks up to the giant camp up ahead. He reveals himself to a storm giant. He appears friendly. Benoir says we are here to pay respects to Humbaba. We all join up. There are dead Ents in a pile and a big campfire with tree sized logs fueling it. The giant says we owe a gold coin to move forward. Benoir offers 6 – So the giant drops a manhole sized gold coin and expects this is the value coin we need to pay. Belegreer is a giant tasked with dealing with the money exchange. He is a weird looking giant. A half breed it appears. It’s $1000 gold pieces a piece (except Gnoiner). We give him $5G to go in. We are given stamps on our hands to enter his “establishment” (i.e. bar). Now we have ins and out privileges. All of us who get the stamps have a magic sky thing on us (surrounds us). Not Gnoiner though, because he already had a stamp and did not get stamped on the way in this time.

We see giants in the bar, drinking and hitting each other. The rule is no fighting with weapons in the bar. Deek, Caedmon, and Zolo go chat up the bar tender to gether some intel. Humbaba is off to the left in his own area – down a hall where no one is sitting. You can go down into another plane down the way, where people often challenge each other to survive. There are many places to go from here – a crossroads. We ask about whether they know about what’s been happeing in the material plane where we came from. They have a different perception of time and say they are not too familiar with what’s happening, but some folks came through a few weeks ago from our world (little people) and inquired about the nobility of people around here. No one comes to see Humbaba. We ask if they know the white triange. We show them what the symbol looks like and it turns out they have been here. They were the ones asking about the local nobility – the Jarl. They had a lot of followers with them.

Jarl Grugner is the Jarl here, although he just assumed the title. He does not have noble blood. We suspect that the WT just propped him up here.

We decide to send Gnoigner and Benoir in to see Humbaba. The rest of us stay behind in the bar. The giants are betting for how long it takes before they will be thrown out. Deek wants in on the action and bets $1000GP that they kicked out within 2 rounds. They go in and hear munching. Benoir casts a spell. The key points at the guy eating at the table. Gnoigner offers hangover medication. Hes about 40 Ft tall. He says “go away I’m busy” and that he is not hungover. Gnoigner says they are in from the material plane seeking his advice. Gnoigner shows the key to him. Humbaba says, “who sent you with this?” Gnoigner says, “the contemplator” Humbaba states, “I told him this wouldn’t work.” “We need you to inset this key…” He sticks the key into a slot on his desk and says ok, bye. Humbaba says, “tell the contemplator I told you so.” Gnoigner asks for something to help us. He says maybe if we let him out. [He went in voluntarily.] Bell was put in by his own people – fiends. Contemplator is just a paper pusher. Nothing we can do will do anything, he is the most powerful…blah blah blah, evil. The only thing we can do is seal him back up in a pillar.

Deek tries to clairvoyance above the desk to see what Humbaba is working on, but Humbaba poofs it away immediately. He is trying to make something. Deek then goes in and asks what he is working on – it’s a kazilltangbrong! Bell is making a bid to become a god, which would be bad. Hyper-geometric something. We are basically all screwed. Bell is on the way to being a local deity. You need lots of followers to become a diety. We tell him about the Jarl being under their thumb. He says if we take care of the Jarl, he’ll help us. What happens if we let you out? The covenent – triangle agreement would end and it would be the 10 hells. Our world would be destroyed and Bell would get away. Take out the leaders of the frost giants and they (frost giants) will all go their separate ways. Our plan for the moment is to do a murder mission on the Jarl.

Before we exit Humbaba’s room, we cast stoneskin(s) and nondetection. We chain up Deek and act like he is out prisoner. Zolo is disguised/transformed into a dire wolf. We follow a path well traveled in serch of the Jarl. We have 24 hour reentry rights into the bar, so we have to make this happen quickly. Snow is blowing off a cliff. There’s a cave to our right and the past goes past it. Gnoiner’s locate object spell focuses on the WT. The WT rep is here. We’ve been told not to fuck with him, cuz he’s a bad ass. That guy’s name is Caravack.

There is a Yetti and a Troll in the cave. Inish… Caedmon is first to go. Rather than attack, he shouts to the others in common that we have a prisoner for the Jarl and seek an audience and readies an action defensively. More Yettis come out. They do not attack and respond in Giant. Benoir tells them the same thing, but in Giant. They tell us to leave the prisoner. We say we want to take him in. After a little commentary, they tell us to continue down the road and we will find the Jarl. We head down and hear voices coming from another cave. Benoir shouts hello, attend to us, we have a prisoner (in Giant).

It is pretty dark in here. We encounter one giant that yells, “humans!” and throws a rock at Benoir. We tell him to stop but he doesn’t. Caedmon goes BIG and pins the giant with his iron bands of binding. Down he goes. Four other giants come out thereafter. El Tigre – “Eeats a Heet!” The giants throw more rocks to no avail. Zolo morphs from a wolf into a beautiful voluptuous woman and fireballs the fuckers! A giant goes down. Caedmon hits another. Gnoigner dropped Deeks chains and moves toward the battle. El Tigre moves in to hit the giants with the intent to cleave. Aaand…the cleave succeeds, but no one dies. Holy moley! A ton of giants come running out. Giants whoop the shit out of El Tigre. Blade barrier right through half of them by Gnoigner. Fireballs, bashing, killing – slash, bang, crash! 8 giants are dead. Giants retreat or die, we win! Zolo goes back under cover as a wolf.

We continue through the dungeon. We head left through the tunnels. More rocks fling towards us. More comical battle and we win.

So we walk into a big room, filled with hll giants, frost giants, and a huge giant of unknown origin. Zolo summons a stone giant to talk to the big guy with the use of tongues provided by Deek. We tell them we have a prisoner for the Jarl. He smells the giant and says sorry, but attacks the summoned giant. He makes it one round, does some damage and dies. So long summoned giant.

Zolo shoots a fireball. Mildly affective this time around. A white dragon pops out of the ceiling and blows on us. We make saves and all but El Tigre makes it. He is struck with fear for a half second, but he is wearing Asurman’s Helmut which prevents him from getting fear. Zolo does a prismatic wall and many of the giants suffer. The dragon is 41 to hit! Benoir hits him and does substantial damage. Caedmon hits the white dragon…almost! He has displacement and SWISH, it’s a miss. Gnoigner hits the dragon with a flame strike. El Tigre works on the dragon. And Deek finishes him off. 5500GP/pp 3,167 in gems/pp. 167/jewelry/pp

50,000/XPs pp from this game.

killed 20 frost giants, 1 hill giant, 1 ancient white dragon, 1 cloud giant, defeated 3 more hill giants.



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