The Big Lake

Exit Stage Left (4/22/12)

  • Party sleeps and takes baths in preparation for meeting Qwl. Polish armor etc. We walk into a room where we see an enormous beautiful golden dragon, with a head the size of a Viking ship. He is chanting a poem. Dragon looks at us and asks the Senegal how we faired in the tests. Small butterfly creature explains in draconic that we passed the tests but are unworthy and of questionable moral turpitude. Dragon agrees and takes off into a whole and is certainly intimidating. It leaves behind a little cat sized creature like the little buttlerfly thingy. There is a 7th level spell call semilacrum. It is a copy of the little butterflydragon. It says so you disagree with the assessment, eh? Yes, says El Tigre. Deek says it is accurate but irrelevant because we are trying to help. Gnoiner asks if our moral character is important to this task? Qwl says yes, but not in the way you may think.
  • Not all creatures had to be bound in the pilar. But you are here to give me something. Qwl is curious on whether we consider ourselves moral (on the upper end). We say yes, but not the highest. We have the basis of good moral judgment. We have come to restore covenent. Someone needs to do it, we are not sure what we have to do, we are just doing it for the greater good. We tell him there’s a key, he asks for it, and give it to him. When he touches it drains and falls and the ioun stones fall off. Did it work? It gave him information and told him to stay there. Controls are probably all rerouted to the control center.
  • Are you familiar with humbaba? Bell’s greatest enemy. He volunteered to be part of the covenent because he knew Bell was part and that when this was done, they’d be released at the same time. The only thing he cares about is killing Bell. If he did that, covenent would be closer to the end (two released). Balanced a little restored, but chaos would be at an advantage. The covenent ends when one or more of the pact keepers have been released. In this case, the contemplator was not connected to the rest of the city when Bell was released. Bell needs to be put back before connection is restored or maybe before, but can’t stay what would happen in that case. He needs to be contained. He is very tricky. Humbaba may be able to help.
  • Hambaba volunteered, but not sure what he state is now. He’s titan. Bell was forced into the pilon but the lord of the third circle of hell. Pit fiends are the top echelon. Sometimes they can grow too powerful and threaten the lord’s throne. Capture Bell is best coarse of action. Asking devils to help is very dangerous. Be careful the deals you make. This plane is carefully shielded from the other planes. He can’t help at all in any way. Oralaegean is just an old friend. Just to keep him company. Knows nothing.
  • We are given a horn that brings all the Light Brigade. 1 time thing. Ready for an apocalyptic light. Vault a pretty good way to trap Bell. Use the living vault to trap him. Can trap a lesser thing in it to replace the thing currently trapped. Planer travel, eject him, trap something else and leave. Asked Asurman what to do, he said catch Bell first and then.
  • The Armor I get: +3 Full Plate (not metallic) (plus 12 all together), lighter than full plate, casts death ward once a day as a free action, armor is immune to cold.
  • Have to ask the Seneshal if we can come back. Yeah, but not enough time. We leave. Deek casts spells. We walk across the bridge. We see a “school principal” devil chick. El Tigre is impaled with an adamantine arrow for 70 damage! Caedmon makes a wind wall preventing her from shooting us with arrows. Zolo hits her with magic missiles – Pow! Deek casts dimensional anchor and she can’t take off. We fight, she has high spell resistance. A school-girl shows up behind El Tigre flanking her. A little damage, but hecka people coming out to fight. Skeletons and another principal.
  • We get overpowered and boom tube to safety.



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