• Beinor Halfhand

    Beinor Halfhand

    A Half-elf Arcane-Archer from the Creepy Forest NE of Big Lake. He is missing the ring/pinky third of the hand he draws his bow with.
  • Caedmon Kemble

    Caedmon Kemble

    Ruddy faced, jolly, cleric of Gorum (Glory/Destruction). Always ready for good battle or beer, this good cleric is a great guy to have around.
  • Gnoinir


    The dwarven cleric.
  • Malecolm Stormborn

    Malecolm Stormborn

    An adventuring monk from a small monastery outside the city of Saleen.
  • Tardeek


    Eldritch Knight - Second Best Fighter, First Best Spell Caster
  • Beleg


    This middle-aged appearing elf is polite, neat, and pleasant. He exudes correctness.
  • Bowling X

    Bowling X

    A grey-skinned humanoid, just under 3 feet tall and probably over 150 pounds, dressed like a clown.
  • Contemplator


    This entity frequently appears as a non-descript, average-looking human.
  • Cyclops


    An enormous, bestial giant with a single eye. Skin is patchwork and varied, as though new skin had been grafted onto the surface.
  • Goffin


    This smallish fire giant carries a halberd but wears little armor. He eyes you with amusement.
  • Harry Palmer

    Harry Palmer

    This short derro is gaunt and pale. He wears black robes with the image of two large, red palm prints on it.
  • Iggbul Sanchez

    Iggbul Sanchez

    Fat, corrupt, seedy human.
  • Mugwump Thunderbullet

    Mugwump Thunderbullet

    This grizzled old dwarf has one eye, a wild mane of unkempt hair, and wears a Fu Manchu-like moustache.
  • Olorin


    Olorin is a human, young for a wizard but with an impish glint to his eye. His black hair is short and rather dissheveled. He is rather ebullient and outspoken.
  • Osberry Gerdle

    Osberry Gerdle

    A thin, aging man in cleric's robes.
  • Persimmon


    A tall, lean, balding, man with an icy stare.
  • Seed


    A surly looking half-elf approaches you, a cloud of ioun stones dizzily circling his head. He looks annoyed.
  • Shmuel


    A plain woman of middle age, bristling with weaponry
  • Zzaa


    This tall, ebony-skinned dude wears barbaric banded armor and a horned helmet. He rules.