Eldritch Knight - Second Best Fighter, First Best Spell Caster


I am using the Only Sheet.

So here is a link to the full character, and major stats below.

Full Character:

Character Stats:

Height: 5’11" Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: Answer of Orderers Weight: 160 Sex: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Black Age: 127

Basic Stats:
Wizard: 5
Fighter: 2
Eldritch Knight: 5

Str: 24
Dex: 24
Con: 18
Int: 26
Wis: 10
Cha: 11

HP: 139
AC: 30

Fort: +13
Reflex: +12
Will: +8

Base Attack Bonus: 9
Melee: +15/
Ranged: 15/10

Basic Weapons:
Deeks Holy Mage Slayer +1 – Holy, Keen
Composite Longbow – +4 Strength
Long Sword of Minor Spell Storing – 3rd level or lower +1
Rapier of Puncturing +2

Major Magic Items:

Heavily on Knowledge

Scribe Scroll
Craft Wand
Power Attack
Spell Penetration
Improved Counterspell
Critical Focus
Blind Fighting

  • Empty Slot

Tardeek started his carrer as a wizard. Quickly he learned that wizards are week creatures in general. That is when he decided to to pick up a few fighting skills while still gaining abilities in spell casting.

In general, his preference is to combat enemies through his physical prowess. He limits his spells to things that augment the party, himself, or would be used outside of combat. Although not very charismatic, he prefers to not fight everybody he meets, and instead try to find ways around it. But when there is no way around it, he will be the first to battle. Although his party doesn’t really realize how good of a fighter he is, he rivals El Tigre, and may even be able to take him 1:1.

He is also highly attracted to Zolo. He is one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet.

I’ve put his basic scores above, so people can see his true value.

Lastly, he hates basic spellcasters. He collects their spell books, and always makes them a priority in battle. This is due to their weakness. His goal is to rid the world of generic boring arcane spellcasters. He has no beef with divine spellcasters as they can defend themselves, and receive their powers from the almighty, which is fine by him.

He has no love interest yet, and does own property in Saleen with his buddy Malecom. Ideally, he would like to begin attracting followers, and build his reputation as the bane of all spellcasters.


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