Olorions Deal

From Email:

Its simple. I’ve bargained for Olorion’s life while retaining him as a useful permanent fountain of information.

After speaking with the zerio count, and olorion, he will be converted into a Type 5 ‘cyborg’. Which means he can’t ‘self wind’, so he is limited to old town. Additionally, all type 5’s operates under a ‘gaes’ per the zero count.

In exchange for Olorion’s freedom, we get:

A permanent source of information on white triangle. I have a telepathic link with him that has been made permanent. So we can ask him anything whenever we want. In addition, I took his spell books, because the zerio count was able to give him a rod of absorbtion. I will share the spells with any arcane spellcaster, but the real reason we should have the books, is they act like a diary with tons of information about the white triangle.

Also, his ring is his bonded item. so he has a very natural response to it going away. but nothing out of the ordinary. and now he is an automoton, he doesn’t really need it. But this shouldn’t have affected anybody’s pick. it was on the list with a ‘you sense him fighting you’. which doesn’t mean you can’t pick it.

If the ring is an issue, i’m happy to roll back.

BUT. I am not necessarily keeping the ring for myself. Right now I am trying to figure out if it is being tracked. That ring gives him the ability to work more freely in a fire related plane, which I believe is one we are dealing with. So I figured its not a good thing for him to have. But we must make sure it isn’t being scryed or tracked in any way.

IF it is, then I’ve started conversations with the zero count to use it as a decoy. IF we do that, I lost my first pick just for the greater good of the party.

RE: Spellbooks. I got them in the deal. But I assume beinor wants the spells, which we can share. There are only a few I dont have and would want. I also just one for my collection. All the White Triangle information belongs to the party.

Initial conversation with Lars:

3:43:50 PM lorde45semi: I think some of you won’t like it. I’m SURE some of you won’t like it.
3:44:12 PM Keyon Hedayati: can the contemplator remove the traps from the spell books?
3:44:22 PM lorde45semi: It helps keep you on your toes though.
3:50:01 PM lorde45semi: Possibly.
3:50:08 PM lorde45semi: It takes time and is dangerous
3:51:02 PM Keyon Hedayati: maybe i can ask the frog
3:51:13 PM lorde45semi: Contemplator Zero presents you with three courses of action
3:51:40 PM lorde45semi: 1. Attempt to have Olorin do it somehow.
3:52:33 PM lorde45semi: 2. He can assign a spare modron to the task (25% chance the books are destroyed)
3:52:48 PM lorde45semi: 3. You can try it yourself (~50% chance the books are destroyed)
3:53:10 PM Keyon Hedayati: I’d like to ask the contemplator zero if he has a scroll of telepathic bond
3:54:24 PM lorde45semi: Nothing at hand
3:54:30 PM Keyon Hedayati: (not that high level)
3:54:41 PM Keyon Hedayati: ok, but I can take that as one of my new spells
3:54:45 PM Keyon Hedayati: i get two
3:54:47 PM lorde45semi: sure
3:54:56 PM Keyon Hedayati: and that would be useful either way with our group
3:55:33 PM Keyon Hedayati: ok, ill take that as one of my spells
3:55:43 PM Keyon Hedayati: and cast it on the frog
3:55:44 PM Keyon Hedayati: 
3:55:53 PM Keyon Hedayati: “sup”
3:55:54 PM lorde45semi: he is not willing
3:55:59 PM Keyon Hedayati: he is under suggestion
3:56:02 PM lorde45semi: no
3:56:04 PM Keyon Hedayati: why not?
3:56:06 PM lorde45semi: doesn’t work that way
3:56:08 PM lorde45semi: it’s not volitional
3:56:22 PM lorde45semi: you can’t force him to accept a spell
3:56:27 PM lorde45semi: domination or no
3:57:14 PM lorde45semi: besides, the bond doesn’t allow you to rifle through his thoughts
3:57:23 PM Keyon Hedayati: i didn’t want to
3:57:27 PM Keyon Hedayati: just talk to him
3:57:45 PM lorde45semi: ah I see
3:57:49 PM Keyon Hedayati: so you are saying that you can’t cast a spell on a dominated person?
3:57:59 PM Keyon Hedayati: how about this
3:58:04 PM Keyon Hedayati: ill ask the frog
3:58:05 PM lorde45semi: you can’t force a dominated person to accept a spell – to willingly forego a save
3:58:12 PM Keyon Hedayati: one ribbet for yet, two for no
3:58:20 PM lorde45semi: plus the spell description actually says “one WILLING creature per three levels”
3:58:25 PM Keyon Hedayati: “will you accept a temporary telepathic bond”
3:58:27 PM lorde45semi: he is definitely not considered a willing subject
3:58:35 PM lorde45semi: that’s better
3:58:41 PM lorde45semi: Yes.
3:59:08 PM Keyon Hedayati: ok, then ill cast telepathic bond on just us two.
3:59:25 PM Keyon Hedayati: “hi there. nobody else can hear us”
3:59:32 PM Keyon Hedayati: “are you hungry”
3:59:36 PM lorde45semi: “what do you want now?”
3:59:50 PM lorde45semi: “Yes! I haven’t eaten since before you captured me!”
4:00:40 PM Keyon Hedayati: “i wanted to make sure you are ok. I know you don’t like being a frog, but it was the safest way we could think of until you earn our trust. So far you have been doing well.”
4:00:55 PM Keyon Hedayati: “im gonna do my best to get you back in action as soon as I can”
4:01:26 PM Keyon Hedayati: “i just want to make sure that when we get you back in action, you fight on the side that is right, and for balence”
4:01:34 PM Keyon Hedayati: “of course there are riches on our side too…”
4:01:49 PM lorde45semi: “I dont have much choice anymore, do I? No going back…”
4:01:51 PM Keyon Hedayati: “we can always use allys”
4:02:45 PM lorde45semi: “I’ve witnessed direct evidence of what it’s like being one of your allies. That bitch Zolo is cursed!”
4:02:52 PM Keyon Hedayati: “well, thats what you say. But one can’t be too careful. Thats why it takes just time. Think of it this way. If the other side caught one of us, we’d either be dead, or worse than dead and end up like that poor zuzu”
4:03:03 PM lorde45semi: “Zuzu?”
4:03:09 PM Keyon Hedayati: “dont get me started. but she is hot”
4:03:19 PM Keyon Hedayati: “yeah we faught him at the coliseum”
4:03:26 PM Keyon Hedayati: “short wizard guy”
4:03:48 PM Keyon Hedayati: “we took his body. he used to be on our side. I wont even get into what they did to azrael”
4:03:48 PM lorde45semi: “Oh the little gnome guy. Yeah I wondered what his deal was, but since you guys collect enemies like flies…”
4:04:00 PM lorde45semi: Oh yeah I remember him.
4:04:09 PM lorde45semi: “What did you ever do with him?”
4:04:19 PM Keyon Hedayati: “so your temporary fate as a frog is nothing like that”
4:04:30 PM Keyon Hedayati: “its just a matter of safety”
4:04:49 PM Keyon Hedayati: "we hopefully will figure out something to do for him
4:04:55 PM Keyon Hedayati: “not sure yet”
4:05:14 PM lorde45semi: “I’m curious to see if the process can be reversed.”
4:05:20 PM Keyon Hedayati: “hey, I have a question for you. one that will really show me your trust”
4:05:27 PM lorde45semi: “sigh. Okay.”
4:06:23 PM Keyon Hedayati: “can you please remove the traps from your spell books. I’d like to look through them to see if there is anything I could learn. it may not look like it, but im somewhat of a scholar. frankly with a face this ugly, i didn’t have much choice”
4:06:43 PM Keyon Hedayati: “i promise to keep them safe for you”
4:06:45 PM lorde45semi: “Ha! Fat chance! What are you offering me in return?”
4:07:10 PM lorde45semi: “You already took all my items; now you want my spell books! The next step after that is frog legs for dinner!”
4:07:26 PM Keyon Hedayati: “well obviously i can’t offer you your life. since you know that im going to protect that as long as you dont do anything sneaky, so that would be a hollow threat”
4:08:14 PM Keyon Hedayati: "however. either you voluntarily remove the traps. or these machines will try and do it for you, which as you know may cause them to be detroyed altogether’
4:08:30 PM Keyon Hedayati: “you will also gain a better friend in me.”
4:08:35 PM Keyon Hedayati: “your only one in the group”
4:08:50 PM Keyon Hedayati: “items come and go. trust me”
4:09:09 PM Keyon Hedayati: “and frankly, if you prove to be on our side in the long run. you will get more items”
4:09:12 PM lorde45semi: “I’ve spent the last five years maneuvering my way through Diabolic Politics. Trust isn’t in the language.”
4:09:27 PM Keyon Hedayati: “i understand. its tough”
4:09:32 PM Keyon Hedayati: “but what else you got”
4:09:58 PM Keyon Hedayati: “even if you manage to escape us. you have nowhere to go. if you gain our trust, at least you will have some powerful friends”
4:10:08 PM lorde45semi: “Tell you what, I heard you talking to the Contemplator about some kind of ‘improvements’ he could make to you. See if you can get the same deal for me – but as a HUMAN.”
4:10:12 PM lorde45semi: “NOT a frog.”
4:10:20 PM Keyon Hedayati: “and dont worry. we wont release you into the world unarmed and defenseless. that is the same as killing you”
4:11:43 PM Keyon Hedayati: “mmmm. for that, you would have offer something more. that not only gives you your freedom, but makes you more powerful. we still dont trust you enough not to run back to your old masters and tell them what we are doing, who we are, etc.”
4:12:19 PM Keyon Hedayati: why dont you at least tell me what is one of your spellbooks that would be worth such a trade?
4:12:45 PM Keyon Hedayati: “id be disappointed to open it and find magic missle written in there 20 times
4:13:16 PM lorde45semi: Doesn’t sound like it makes me that much more powerful. Need to be wound up like a clock every couple days, susceptible to acid and electricity, and I doubt the process will be painless. It nicely keeps my leash in the hands of someone you trust.”
4:13:59 PM lorde45semi: “And frankly, I trust that collection of spare parts more than I trust your crew. That dwarf kind of creeps me out…”
4:14:02 PM Keyon Hedayati: hey, (as keyon), gotta run real quick. gonna think about this. but have to answer a work email
4:14:11 PM Keyon Hedayati: also about to go get my ‘Chaotic Good’ tattoo
4:14:59 PM lorde45semi: oof
4:16:06 PM lorde45semi: “Yeah well here’s teh deal; turn me back into my original form and ‘modified’ and I’ll get you whatever you want out of those spellbooks. To copy I mean!”
4:17:45 PM lorde45semi: “Or memorize from. Whatever. The point being that I’ll be nicely hobbled by the Contemplator so you’ll know where I am, and you will have access to my spell books. There’s also the matter of all that sensitive intelligence I have on the White Triangle’s inner workings…”
4:32:26 PM Keyon Hedayati: i have to speak to the contemplator about this for a second. it is a tempting offer
4:32:36 PM Keyon Hedayati: i also have to figure out how to deal with the party on this one
4:32:41 PM Keyon Hedayati: which i think i can handle
4:33:03 PM Keyon Hedayati: do you have anything else to offer that you haven’t told us about?
4:33:14 PM Keyon Hedayati: like a hidden treasure, or list of generals, etc?
4:33:35 PM Keyon Hedayati: also whats the most powerful spell you have in your books, so i can get a rough idea
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4:49:28 PM lorde45semi: “Highest level spell in there is Greater Planar Binding. And there’s a lot of information about the WT that we haven’t discussed. A lot.”
4:50:51 PM Keyon Hedayati: ah
4:50:53 PM Keyon Hedayati: cool
4:50:55 PM Keyon Hedayati: tattoo time
4:50:57 PM Keyon Hedayati: peace
4:51:01 PM lorde45semi: l8!
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Olorions Deal

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