Elven Musical Statue

A small, finely crafted porcelain figure of an elven woman.


When properly wound up and played, it may use one of the following spell-like abilities, once per sleep/rest period (in other words, once per day):

Legend Lore
Dream Travel

Dream Travel is a form of Astral Projection, but which allows the user and anyone included in the casting the ability to travel through the world via any creatures with a mind (any creature with an Intelligence score). In this way it can be used to sniff out information from the mind of the target about the past, present or even the future, though some element of risk is involved in this case.

Caster Level for all abilities is 18th. In all cases, material components for the above spells must be supplied.

Note that using the Dream Travel ability does not restore lost spells, hit points or ability damage.


This was originally a gift given by the Good Wise Woman of Skazka to one of her wards. How it ended up in the world at large is up to conjecture.

Elven Musical Statue

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