Old City


(this is my editorial on the origins based on emails (convo’s w/ Karandras), so we can update this with actual information when we get it —mikel)

We don’t currently know the exact history of the creation of Old City, though it appears to be related to the Great War and a Covenant apparently made by the Gods, presumably to maintain balance between the axes of Good, Evil, Chaos, and Law in this world.

The Covenant in Old City

As part of the Covenant four pylons were constructed to imprison powerful Generals of each of the alignments. (from Karandras) What went into those pylon-prisons were the strongest of the generals of law and chaos, good and evil. They were chosen for their power, stalwartness and to evenly match one another.

(from the Lord Spiga, see: this adventure) It was through the meddling of humans that one of the Pylon’s was damaged, and the White Triangle appeared.

Who went into the Pylons
  • Bell, general of the Lawful Evil plane (courtesy of Lord Spiga)
  • The rest, courtesy of Karandras

Well now, I know that there were four. One I’ve seen in times long past. He was a titan noble of some sort, Yrgyr, very powerful and doggedly determined in his persecution of devils and demons. The other general on the side of good was an angelic servant of one of the old dragon gods, Bahamut. I forget its name. Last there was Obsforyx, a demon lord thrall to Orcus, prince of the undead. Vile creature. Obsforyx was called ‘the prince who waits’ though I don’t know what that means, precisely.

The Management

Old City appears to be run entirely by constructs. There is a Central Command known as the Contemplator, which (normally) leads a vast array of differing Constructs that serve different purposes.

Currently External Control is disabled, and Auxiliary Control has kicked in. What this means specifically is currently unknown, but the Contemplator only has control within Central Command.

Places in Old City

Aside from a large grid shaped city of regular blocks and featureless rectangles that appear to represent buildings, there are these additional areas:

  • The Park. Home of The Druid.
  • The Graveyard . Apparently exists in a negative energy plane, living creatures take damage while in the graveyard.
  • Central Command. An large open area in the city center, centered on a massively large obelisk shaped building.
  • Sewers. Underneath Old City lies a vast maze of sewer conduits. Populated by Aboleths and other unsavory things.
Getting around Old City

Apparently the Pylon’s in Old City established by the Covenant cause motives and intent to have a large influence on ones ability to find specific locations, though it is likely you will find what you seek, be that Loot, a specific personage, place, or thing.

Old City

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