The Graveyard

This otherworldly cemetary resides somewhere within the undead quarter of the Old City.

It is basically an enormous, city-sized, fenced in graveyard, filled with open and unopened graves, mausoleums, and overflowing with undead. Far away within it an eerie cenotaph or temple can be seen, the distant tolling of its bell heralding the generation of a new wave of undead, which scamper freely wherever they wish.


*The graveyard is kept perpetually dark, dreary and dim with continual use of magical darkness, magical and non-magical fog effects, etc. Visibility (even with low-light or darkvision) ranges from 5 feet to 60’ (1d12 x 5’).

*All Lawful or Good characters make charisma-based checks at -2.

*Living creatures take 1d6 points of damage per round. Those reduced to 0 hp rise again as an appropriate form of undead. Death ward negates this effect.

*In addition, the entire graveyard benefits from a Desecrate spell (counts as if a shrine; +2 to hit, dmg, saves, hp/die and -6 profane penalty to turn for all undead). Individual monuments, shrines and mausoleums may have other spells, most commonly Unhallow.

*Most areas of the graveyard are Difficult terrain (half movement rate). Characters attempting to move at full speed must make a DC 12 Dexterity check or twist their ankle (see the Twisted Ankle event below). Hustling or running increases the DC to 16 or 20, respectively.

The Graveyard

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