White Triangle

Notes on White Triangle
Background information told us by Lord Spiga

As part of The Pact a General of the Devils named Bell was imprisoned within one of the pylons of Old City. He is known by many names, including The Great Liar. Through the meddling of humans, the pylon was damaged and Bell escaped. He is the White Triangle.

Background information via Karandras

It is Karandras’ belief that it was the White Triangle that came out of the destroyed Pylon representing Lawful Evil. He admits that this is only conjecture, and that Asurmen was a bigger authority on such matters.

Even so, What went into those pylon-prisons were the strongest of the generals of law and chaos, good and evil. They were chosen for their power, stalwartness and to evenly match one another. What has come out since then is unknown. It was strong enough to start a cult and bring diabolic minions to this plane. It is strong enough to exploit the flaws in the Covenant that bind the new gods. I suppose then it could be as strong as one of the gods. It’s hard to say.

The leader of the minions of Hell during The War was known as Many-Shaped, the Faceless Lord, Threadsower, the Great Lie, and probably many other names besides. Although the forces at its command were massively outnumbered by those of the other powers, it was nonetheless masterfully capable of locating the enemy’s weak spots and striking there at the most inopportune moment with his forces. It was said to “never start or finish a fight, but always somehow emerge the victor.”

White Triangle

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